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Create your dream outdoor oasis with our range of high-quality garden furniture. Our collection includes seating options, tables, and accessories to suit any outdoor space. Our weather-resistant rattan and durable metal frames are designed to last. Choose from modern or traditional styles to match your decor. We offer fast and free shipping on all orders. Shop now for the perfect garden furniture to transform your outdoor space.

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Modern garden furniture can be the eyecatcher of your garden. The different materials in combination with carefully chosen cushions can give your garden a luxurious appearance. At Hanley’s the garden furniture is for sale and in combination with the upcoming spring, this is the best time to start looking for your outdoor garden furniture. You don’t want to be late for this sale and not be able to take a seat in the sun, do you?

Wide range of garden furniture sets

To help you with your choice, we’ll list some of the garden furniture sets that we have to offer. The choice you can make is between a dining set or a lounge set. Both sections are divided in different forms, materials, colors etc., but the one thing they all have in common is the great quality.

Dining sets for cozy summer nights

A dining set would be a great choice if you like to dine outside in warm and sunny weather. How many chairs you want to go with the table is up to you, according to how many people you expect to share the dining set with. A complete dining set contains a dining table, dining chairs that match the table and in some cases a parasol and base. This luxury garden furniture gives your garden a boost and invites you to go outside more often, because not only can you dine at this table, it’s perfect for all kinds of other activities.

Lounge sets for laid back vibes

The biggest difference between garden lounge furniture and garden dining furniture is the height. Lounge sets are more laid back, and better for relaxing. The table is a lot lower to the ground than a dining table. It’s perfect for placing small appetizers or drinks. The lounge sets can contain different types of furniture. Depending on which set you choose, it can contain sofas, chairs, footstools and of course a lounge table.

Rattan Garden Furniture as a Durable and Stylish option

Looking to update your outdoor living space? Consider adding some rattan garden furniture from Hanley's of Cork to your patio or deck. Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, rattan garden furniture is a great choice for those who want stylish and functional furniture for their outdoor spaces.

At Hanley's of Cork, you'll find a wide range of rattan garden furniture options to choose from, including chairs, tables, loungers, and more. Whether you're looking for a classic, timeless style or something more modern and contemporary, you'll find what you're looking for at Hanley's of Cork.

Garden furniture in stock

Hanley’s is the best garden furniture shop, and not only because of our high quality standards; also because we have a lot of furniture in stock! At our garden center you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive your garden furniture. Varied from single furniture to complete garden sets. Have a look at our wide range of in stock furniture! Our luxury garden furniture will turn your garden into a place of comfort and relaxation. For a look at the best garden furniture, in stock and orderable, have a look at our wide offer on our website!