Ooni pizza ovens

From wood-fired flavour to gas-powered consistency to electrified convenience, you can use our portable pizza ovens in the kitchen, backyard or beyond. Cook any style of pizza, veggies, meats, desserts and more in an Ooni oven, powered by your choice of wood, charcoal or gas. Start shopping now!

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Why Ooni pizza ovens?

Ooni pizza ovens are known for their high-quality construction and ability to cook delicious, authentic pizzas at home. Whether you opt for a wood-fired or gas-powered model, an Ooni oven will help you achieve perfect results every time. And if you live in the Cork area, be sure to check out Hanley's for a great selection of Ooni ovens. They have the Ooni Koda, Ooni Pro, and Ooni Karu in stock, and you can even order online and have your new oven delivered straight to your door. So why wait? Start cooking like a pro with an Ooni pizza oven from Hanley's. Order yours today!


Are you asking yourself if it's worth buying a Ooni Pizza oven? Ooni is a leader in the world of home pizza ovens, with a range of wood-fired and gas-powered models to choose from. The Ooni Koda is popular for its compact size and easy portability, while the Ooni Pro offers a larger cooking surface and professional-grade performance. The Ooni Karu is another great option, with a wood and charcoal-burning design that gives pizzas a delicious, smoky flavour. No matter which oven you choose, you can be confident that you'll get a high-quality product to help you cook delicious, authentic pizzas at home.


If you own an Ooni pizza oven or are planning to purchase one at Hanley's of Cork, there are a few accessories that can help you get the most out of your oven:

  • Pizza peel: essential for transferring pizzas in and out of the oven
  • Cover: protects your oven when it's not in use
  • Oven gloves: handy for handling hot pizzas and other dishes
  • Thermometer: helps you monitor the temperature inside your oven
  • Fuel: wood or gas to power your oven

Hanley's has all of these accessories and more, so be sure to check out their selection to fully equip your Ooni pizza oven.