Autumn Bulbs

Discover a stunning variety of Autumn Bulbs at Hanley's of Cork. Our handpicked selection showcases an array of bulbs that promise to bring life and colour to your outdoor space as summer transitions to autumn. From the classic elegance of daffodils to the intricate charm of tulips, explore our range and prepare to infuse your garden with the rich, warm hues of the season.

The Best Bulbs to plant in Autumn

Elevate your autumn garden with the enchanting allure of Alliums, the timeless beauty of Daffodils, the delicate charm of Crocus, the vibrant splendour of Tulips, the sweet fragrance of Hyacinths, and the captivating diversity of Mixed Bulbs. At Hanley's of Cork, we take pride in curating a collection that celebrates the rich tapestry of nature's offerings.


With their distinctive spherical blooms, add a touch of architectural elegance to your garden beds. Their towering stalks adorned with intricate clusters create a mesmerising focal point, captivating both the eye and the imagination.


The heralds of spring, extend their beauty into autumn with a captivating range of hues. Their trumpet-shaped blooms, in shades ranging from creamy whites to sunny yellows, infuse your garden with a sense of renewed vitality.


The early bloomers, bring a pop of colour to your outdoor space as the days grow shorter. Their delicate, cup-shaped flowers emerge in a palette of purples, whites, and yellows, inviting a sense of joy and anticipation.


With their diverse array of shapes and colours, are the epitome of floral elegance. Planting a medley of Tulips ensures a symphony of blossoms that dance in harmony, turning your garden into a canvas of artistic expression.


Prized for their intense fragrance, create an olfactory symphony that mingles with the crisp autumn air. Their densely packed florets in shades of blues, pinks, purples, and whites not only delight the senses but also add a touch of luxury.

Our Mixed Bulbs selection offers a delightful surprise, as various species come together in a harmonious ensemble. This curated blend guarantees a dynamic display of shapes and shades, transforming your garden into a living mosaic of botanical wonders.

Why plant Bulbs in Autumn?

As you explore our Autumn Bulbs collection, envision the transformation these bulbs will bring to your outdoor haven. From the early bloomers to the late-season stunners, these bulbs offer a journey through the changing landscapes of autumn. Embrace the beauty, the colours, and the scents that this season has to offer, and let your garden tell a story of nature's captivating artistry. With our handpicked bulbs, you have the tools to create a masterpiece that evolves and flourishes year after year. Welcome the autumnal symphony into your garden and relish in the magic of nature's ever-changing beauty.