About Oase

Since its establishment in 1949, Oase has been dedicated to delivering exceptional water solutions and cutting-edge designs that meet the highest standards of technical precision. With a team of creative engineers and designers, Oase transforms aquatic environments into captivating scenes, whether it's enchanting water gardens, mesmerising aquariums, or awe-inspiring fountain installations. Their commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their range of smart, energy-efficient products. Oase offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces, harmonising technology, design, and nature's innate power.

More About Oase

Oase takes great pride in its legacy of expertise and creativity. A team of passionate specialists collaborates across departments to find the optimal solution for staging vibrant living spaces in water. This collaborative effort results in energy-efficient innovations and top-quality, smart solutions that never compromise on Oase's commitment to their quality promise. Oase's in-house testing labs ensure that every product lives up to their rigorous standards.

As creative composers, Oase orchestrates a symphony of convenience, individuality, and design excellence. Each component within their ensemble must harmonize seamlessly, whether it's the technology, the design elements such as water or light, or the overall aesthetics. Their goal is to empower customers to design unique living spaces while preserving nature's power and impact. Oase believes in nature's ability to inspire and touch lives.

When customers choose OASE, they gain access to a comprehensive range of components from a single source. With high-quality technology and skilled craftsmanship, Oase's experienced specialists set the stage for water gardens, irrigation and drainage systems, aquariums, and captivating design elements like their renowned biOrb collection. They go beyond individual spaces, providing large-scale installations for fountains, lighting, and professional water therapy, offering a truly immersive experience. OASE ensures that customers can embrace the emotional journey of "Made in Germany" in the most meaningful way.

Design lies at the core of Oase's philosophy. As proud partners of the German Design Council, they uphold Germany's reputation as a design and brand authority. Their commitment to design excellence extends to every aspect of their products, enabling them to enhance social awareness and appreciation for innovative design. OASE strives to be at the forefront of design-driven water solutions, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality.

Oase embraces innovation by conviction, and their efforts have been recognized by prestigious awards. They have been honored as one of the TOP 100 Innovators for three consecutive years, a testament to their dedication to creating forward-thinking products. Their indoor solutions, including aquariums and the unique biOrb design objects, transform homes into inspiring and fascinating environments. Meanwhile, their outdoor solutions cater to diverse needs, providing everything from small water features to professional koi ponds, complete with construction, operation, maintenance, and smart control options.

At OASE, they value responsibility and sustainability in all their endeavors. Environmental consciousness guides their actions, ensuring their products are perfectly adapted to water biology, energy-efficient, and manufactured with the utmost consideration for the environment. They strive to make a positive impact, fostering a sense of stewardship towards our planet.

With over 70 years of history, OASE has evolved into a modern integrated company with a global presence. They continuously seek new challenges, expanding their reach into markets worldwide. Customers are invited to join OASE on their journey as they redefine water design and technology, delivering unparalleled experiences that inspire and transform the way people interact with aquatic environments.