About Tetra

Tetra is a brand that has been revolutionising the aquarium industry since 1951. Their founder, Dr. Ulrich Baensch, was a natural scientist who created numerous innovative products. Over the years, Tetra has continued to develop products that meet the changing needs of aquarium and pond enthusiasts. From their popular AquaSafe water conditioner to their innovative Pond Sticks food that floats on the surface of the pond, Tetra has become a trusted name in the industry. Hanley's is proud to stock a wide range of Tetra Products.

More About Tetra

Tetra is a renowned brand in the aquarium and garden pond industry, known for its innovative products and comprehensive product range. Founded by natural scientist Dr. Ulrich Baensch in 1951, the company has since introduced numerous innovations and obtained several patents related to production processes and trademarks. Over the years, Tetra has expanded its operations globally, opening subsidiaries in various countries, and today holds an unprecedented number of patents for its products, technologies, and production processes. The brand's popular products include AquaSafe, Pond Sticks, EasyBalance, TetraMinPRO, and Pond FilterStart, catering to the needs of aquarium and garden pond enthusiasts worldwide. Tetra has also undergone brand development and renewal, ensuring quality assurance worldwide.