Rattan sofa sets

Prepare yourself for a comfortable summer in a rattan sofa set! Recreate the vacation vibe in the comfort of your own garden with our rattan couch, rattan sofa and rattan sofa cushions. There’s a lot more to know and we’ll inform you all about it. There are many different combinations to choose from, and don’t forget to check our rattan sofa sets for sale! Find out why rattan sofa garden furniture would be a great addition to your garden too.


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Extreme comfort in a rattan sofa set

Whether you buy a small rattan sofa or a complete garden rattan sofa set, you’ll be comfortable in both. All our rattan sofas and chairs are provided with high quality cushions to give you the highest feeling of relaxation. At Hanley’s we have lots of different types of sofa sets. For example a 2 seater rattan sofa, a 3 seater rattan sofa or even a 4 seater rattan sofa set. Maybe you prefer a black rattan sofa for the chic looks or a super handy extra rattan storage box. Our customers decide what they want, and we do our best to provide in their wishes. The cushions that go with our outdoor rattan sofas provide you with extra back support and a soft seat. Comfort has a high priority, because we want nothing but the best for you!

Rattan sofa sets for sale

At this moment the rattan sofas are for sale, check out our offer on the website and see which sofa or sofa set fits your needs. It may be a set of a rattan sofa and table, or maybe a small corner rattan sofa. We think everyone deserves the chance to give their garden a Mediterranean glow and appearance and with our high quality rattan products we make that possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a small- or big garden, there are enough options. Our rattan garden furniture has different sizes and measurements, to be able to provide everyone with something they like and afford. Our rattan sofa dining sets are a great choice for bigger families. Not only can you use the tables for dining outside, but you can basically do anything you would do if you were to be inside.

How to choose which garden rattan sofa set suits your garden

To begin with, you have to know how much space the sofa set is allowed to take in. In smaller gardens a corner rattan sofa might be useful, while in bigger gardens a complete rattan sofa dining set might be a good choice. Of course you have to decide what your budget is and how many seats are needed for your set. Decide for yourself what color would go best with other colors in your garden and if you want the outside furniture to be an extension to your inside furniture. Lastly you can decide whether you think a table is a must or not. If you’re planning to sit outside a lot, a table would be very useful. If you’re planning to just go outside for sunbathing or maybe even a nap, buying a table can be a little unnecessary. Eventually everything is your choice, but if you need a little guidance, we are here to help. Reach out and see what we can help you with!