Sun Loungers

Sun loungers are indispensable during the warm summer months. With a wide variety of garden furniture, you will always find a sun lounger that meets your wishes. Give your garden an upgrade with great sun beds, hanging chairs or luxury lounge sets. Your garden will be the center of parties, dinners and relaxation next summer. Are you looking for luxury sun loungers for your garden? Hanleys of Cork is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your summer more enjoyable. Find all sun beds below: 


Buy sun loungers online

Imagine this; you’re laying in your garden, on a rattan sun lounger with special sun lounger cushions and the possibility to recline. That sounds like a vacation doesn’t it? At Hanley’s we make it possible to recreate this feeling in the comfort of your own backyard. Choose from different sun lounger sets, sun lounger chairs and even padded sun loungers. Furnish your garden the way you like with a little bit of Hanley’s and a little bit of your own creativity. Form a welcoming and chic looking garden with our sun lounger sale.

Different types of sun loungers and combinations

Our way to differentiate ourselves from other sun lounger providers is that we have loungers with special features. We offer some reclining sun loungers, which is great for those who maybe want to read a book, they’re also great for elderly people and they’re super affordable. Of course you can always buy a flat sun lounger if that’s more your style. Maybe combine them with a small rattan table and you’re ready to go. Another option is to combine two separate ones into a sun lounger set, or buy a double sun lounger. The double ones are great for an outside movie night or to take a moment and admire the stars on a cloudless evening.

How to take care of your lounge garden furniture

Luckily all of our products will stay unharmed from the sun, due to their UV-resistance. The cushion cases can be washed on low temperatures and we recommend you let them air dry. This way the cases won’t shrink due to the heat of a dryer. Rattan sun loungers must be cleaned at least once a year. The best way is to use warm water with a soft soap mixed into it. Avoid using rough cleaning products to protect the rattan. The best way to take care of the cushions is by storing them in a dry place during the rainy months.