Charcoal barbecues

When it comes to grilling, there are plenty of different ways to do it. Most people prefer charcoal grilling because it gives their food that smoky flavor that’s hard to achieve with other types of grilling. Charcoal grilling is incredibly effective and results in that authentic barbecue feeling. Surprise your guests this year with a selection of meat full of character. Do you want to enjoy a charcoal grill this summer? View our wide range of charcoal barbecues below:



Why choose for a charcoal barbecue

Charcoal is a versatile cooking fuel that offers benefits that rival those of its rival, gas. Gas is expensive, and it can leave a bad taste in your mouth after every meal. Charcoal offers similar benefits, but at a fraction of the cost. Besides that, charcoal is biodegradable. Unlike gas, which takes centuries to break down, charcoal burns up in a matter of minutes. This means that when you’re done cooking with it, your coals will be cold and ready to dispose of.

Ultimate sear with a charcoal grill

If you’ve ever tried to cook a steak on high heat with gas, you know that it takes the right cooking temperature to get a good sear. If you don’t control the temperature, your food will either burn or be undercooked. With charcoal, you can choose the level of heat by adjusting the coals to any temperature desired. You have complete control over how your food turns out.