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eSHa has been around for over half a century and we are very proud of this! eSHa grew from a small shop in 1958 to an international company now. Over the years, eSHa had to adjust to changing legislations and markets, but it made the company strive for even higher quality, while maintaining affordable prices, which contributed to lots of successes and awards!

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More About eSHa

eSHa is an international company with over 50 years of research and manufacturing expertise in disease treatments for ornamental fish, supplements for tropical fish, anti-algae and snail treatments, and products for aquatic plant growth and health. They are known for producing high-quality, affordable products like eSHa 2000. Throughout its history, eSHa has adapted to changing markets and regulations, always striving for higher quality while maintaining good value for money. Their focus is on ease of use, making their products accessible to all aquarium owners.